Research & create an E-book lead magnet article.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is an irresistible offer of value to prospects in exchange for their contact information. It is an incentive offered to prospects and it is sometimes referred to as a legal bribe. The purpose of a lead magnet is to lever the subscription of targeted leads to an offer, opposed to cold leads which are normally drawn to generic sales offers. A secondary objective of a lead magnet can be to convert targeted leads into warm prospects.

How to create an e-book lead magnet. | My Business Why

Examples of lead magnets:

Lead magnets may vary from free samples, free gifts of physical products, free service coupons and various other. In the online marketing sector, electronic format lead magnets are the most popular.

A few examples of lead magnets are:
– A guide on how to… (Write a blog / Create a Facebook campaign / Embed a video on a web page)
– Free plans to build … (Chicken coup / Tiny house / Campervan / Kitchen Cabinets)
– Cheat sheets on how to …. (Lose 10 pounds in 30 days / Send 1000 emails in one go)
– A Checklist for … (SEO of your blog post / Time management & productivity / Writing your CV)
– A Template…
– Recipes…

Lead magnets must be:
– Easy accessible.
– Concise: -Brief, but comprehensive.
– Actionable: – Having practical value which can be acted upon.
– Specific: – Focused as a specific solution
– Easy to follow and written in layman’s terms.

The lead magnet examples that I like most are to either write special reports, which consists of 3 – 5 page information sheets, or my best favorite is to write e-books of between 10 to 15 pages.


The focus of this discussion will be on creating a 10 – 15, or 20 page e-book as a lead magnet.

An example of a full 18 page E-Book lead magnet can be downloaded below:
E-Book on Blogging & Monetizing a blog.

1. E-Book Research:

It is important to have a sizeable audience. Research popular niches by delving a bit to determine what people are searching for. By doing this, you will be able to find specific issues that people would like to find answers for. All this can be learnt by scouting around on Google and even Facebook groups that are specific for a certain subject.

Google Trends is a very handy research tool. Here below is diagram of a very broad comparison that I did in Google Trends. Once you have chosen a niche like for instance Beauty, you can narrow the search trends down within that niche to find a topic that you can present as a solution in that specific niche.

How to create an e-book lead magnet. | My Business Why

It is interesting to note how high the searches for Beauty, Weight Loss and even Retirement still is after all the recent hype about Crypto Currency and also Forex in the online market sector at the time of writing. The conclusion can be drawn that the Beauty, Weight Loss and Retirement niches still offer wider business potential than the other two mentioned.

Another research platform where many answers to questions can be found and where you can ask questions yourself, is

Don’t get so involved in research that it completely paralyses your progress. There is no such thing as the perfect topic. Do not choose a small niche, but on the other hand, choose a niche which you can relate to. When you relate to your niche, you will be able to relate to your audience during your writing.

2. Writing And Other Tools:

You don’t need any specialised writing tools. All that you will need is a word processor application. I’m using Microsoft Word, and eventually convert from Word to PDF format. Microsoft Word has some very useful editing tools, of which most are not commonly used. Scout around in the tabs and test the different features. It is actually a very powerful program.

Microsoft Publisher or even PowerPoint may also work well. It’s all a matter of preference. The end product will have to be saved as PDF or exported via a PDF printer though.

Be careful not to use images straight from Google Images.
Many of those belongs to website owners and are copyrighted.
Sources of free images which include open user rights are:
Check the user rights of images before you download it for use in your document.

I’m using an old and outdated version of Corel Draw to create graphics and images for my blog posts and articles. Free software that are available is: and
GetPaint .net is easier to master, but it is not as powerful as Gimp. Gimp can however be a bit challenging to use at first.

How to create an e-book lead magnet. | My Business Why


When you’re promoting your e-book, it will be best if you give it the look of a real printed book by creating a mock book cover. My favorite platform for creating free covers are: and


I’m simply using the free options without purchasing the 110 different options which they usually offer when you download your book cover. You may also look at as another option.

As with research, don’t get so involved in graphics that you lose speed. If you’re not familiar with creating and editing graphics, rather use stock pictures and Text Art to spice up your first e-book. It doesn’t need to be perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect e-book. Your best is good enough. Your skills will improve with experience.

3. E-Book Layout:

– First Page:
The first page of the e-book needs to capture the attention of the reader.
It must share enough information that the reader wants to delve deeper into the content that follows.

Though there are no hard and fast rules, I found a standard template which seems to work very well.

It puts the title on top, followed by a few challenging questions or statements to grab the attention of the reader. This is put in contrasting colors and it is the focus of attention of the front page.

How to create an e-book lead magnet. | My Business Why

Next, add a picture of yourself and introduce you as the author of the e-book. This is rather important as one of the purposes of the e-book is to build relations with your readers.

How to create an e-book lead magnet. | My Business Why

You may also choose to add a short bio about yourself, positioning you as an expert on the topic that you write about. I prefer to only share my picture and my name and just one line about myself.

Following the introduction of the author, share a short extract from the content of the e-book.

How to create an e-book lead magnet. | My Business Why

This is something similar to what you will read on the back cover of a printed book.

In the bottom left corner of the front page, you may add your business name, website address and a copy right clause.

How to create an e-book lead magnet. | My Business Why

This is done in a light color and small font as it is not actually where you want to draw the attention of the reader.

You may choose to add a bio page about the author and also an index page. In my opinion, those will better fit in with a full size printed book than a condensed e-book. The aim with an e-book is to get the reader exposed to content of value rather than self-branding.

– Body of the e-book
After the front page, the content is added, mostly in 3 chapters. The first two chapters will form the body of the e-book. Between chapter 2 and 3, another opt-in gateway may optionally be inserted, the reason why will be explained later.

It is best to write on 2 to 5 specific points.
Presenting your e-book as “3 Reasons why you struggle to lose weight”, or
“The two most effective ways to reach your target market”, will immediately draw the attention of the right audience.

– Chapter 1
The first chapter will start off by creating the understanding by the reader that the issue which he/she is struggling with can be resolved. Be specific on what the issue is and on how to resolve it. Best is to discuss about 3 to 5 points.

How to create an e-book lead magnet. | My Business Why
This chapter needs to create a path which will touch on the following way points:
– Identify with the readers issue.
– Be specific on what the solutions are.
– Explain some detail on the different steps necessary to get the desired results.
– Summarize the chapter in the end.
– Be constantly enticing and prepare the reader for the contents of chapter 2.

– Chapter 2
The second chapter will touch on your quality offer. You will be sharing detailed information explaining what is needed to get results from the product or business. If you for example you want to promote weight loss products, you will explain the benefits of losing weight, the way your product is working and all the details that will entice the reader to actually obtain the product.

How to create an e-book lead magnet. | My Business Why

…BUT: Focus on sharing valuable information and do not try and sell. You want to warm up your prospect, you want to create the desire to know more and you don’t want to cool the prospect off by putting the product in front of him/her at this stage.
This chapter will:
-Share details of the solution and start pointing it towards your product.
– Warm your prospect up by taking him/her from being a targeted lead to a warm prospect.
– End off with the promise of revealing your success product in chapter 3.

Up until now, links has not been shared in the e-book for the following reasons:
– You don’t want to create “leaks” in your content that may take the attention of the reader somewhere else.
– You have to offer enough content of value to keep the attention of the reader captured, making it unnecessary to add in supportive links.
– The purpose of the e-book is primarily to offer a solution to the reader and not to be a sales page.

– Chapter 3
This chapter will lead the prospect to the actual sales offer, but again through a detour.

At first the e-book was presented to a targeted audience. Readers of it will therefore have a “want” for the information shared. They will be warmed up as they are gradually working through the content of the e-book. The “want” will be starting to turn into a “need”.

How to create an e-book lead magnet. | My Business WhyThe purpose of chapter 3 is to turn the prospect’s “need” over to action. The different steps of the sales offer will be presented as “how to” solutions to the prospect.

All that is actually shared in the e-book about chapter 3, is an index page telling the prospect what the contents is that will follow in the next chapter. I prefer to share the content of chapter 3 in a series of five or ten blog posts. Most important however is that the reader only gets access to the information by opting in again through a subscriber form. Once they subscribe to access the content of chapter 3, the auto-responder will unsubscribe them form the previous list, moving the prospect from the warming up email follow up series, to the warm prospect email series.
The reader is prompted to make a decision to receive more information and by opting in he/she is actually taking the first step over the line from being a prospect to becoming a customer.

This explains how the e-book is applied as a tool to firstly capture targeted leads and secondly to turn those leads into warm market prospects that eventually become customers.

4. Closing off:

Chapter 2 of the e-book is closed off by an invitation to the reader to subscribe to the information shared in chapter 3. It is clearly stated to the reader in which format chapter 3 will be shared. It can either be in the form of another PDF document, a video series or a blog post series.

Finally, a disclaimer is added to the e-book, stating the following:
There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the training, techniques or ideas presented in this document. Examples in the training materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earnings will vary and factors that will influence earnings and potential earnings may amongst others include knowledge, skills, marketing, start-up expenditure and product application. Errors and omissions excepted (E&OE)

What Next?

Best is to immediately take action and start immediately. Building your own lead magnet is the first step in creating your own automated selling machine.

How to create an e-book lead magnet. | My Business Why


At first it is going to take a lot of time and work, but once completed, you will have a proper working system that will only needs fine tuning as time goes on. You now have a proper guide on how to go about to create an e-book type of lead magnet. Be creative and start off immediately by creating in your own style. Results will only come from action.


In a final step of your e-book, you will need a link to a subscriber signup form in your auto-responder.
You may follow this link to a FREE TEST DRIVE of the system that will help you with the setup of your e-mail auto-responder. It will show you exactly how to create your first signup form.

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6 thoughts on “Research & create an E-book lead magnet article.

  • April 8, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    ​Great tips on ebook lead magnet! I am preparing for the one to my new website, and I can certainly use some of your tips provided here. Especially the information of and is very helpful as I always struggle to find the real book looking design to display.

    From your article, I feel I got the opt-in process all wrong. I thought I would give out a free material as a lead magnet, but that is also to capture visitors’ email information so we can start an email campaign. But you suggest getting them opt-in through the ebook. Do you capture their email address for email campaign upon them requesting an ebook, or only through the ebook, or both???

    Thank you again for the great information!


    • April 9, 2018 at 9:43 am

      Hi Kyoko, Thanks for your comment, it is appreciated.
      I don’t think you have the opt in process wrong.
      The e-book is my lead magnet. At first the subscriber opt in to be able to receive it.
      Then I have inserted a second opt in via the e-book to actually capture the warm market through there.
      It is a two step opt in process that I’m using.
      I hope that explains it for you.
      Cheers 🙂

  • April 9, 2018 at 11:23 am

    Hi there, thanks for sharing this framework for creating an ebook as a lead magnet. I have written a 10 step plan for my readers, which is a simple one pager, but I’d like to back that up with an ebook as well, so this is awesome and exactly what I need to get started – in the right direction. Thanks again, Cheers, Karen

    • April 9, 2018 at 11:38 am

      Thanks for your comment Karen.
      I’m so glad that you found value in the information shared.
      Feel free to use it as a template and all the best to you on your business journey.
      Cheers 🙂

  • April 9, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    It can be one of the best way to provide value to audience through e books and give away and good post describing the basic framework on how to set up lead magnet page.
    I was thinking to create e books as well, but I think it need to gain authority and have audience first, then it can be best way to provide value with purpose of monetize!!

    • April 25, 2018 at 10:37 am

      Thanks for your comment Ganesh,
      By promoting e-books you do actually build an audience.
      All the best to you on your journey.


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