Coffee Shop Network Marketing

The Coffee Shop Approach Towards Network Marketing.

When I first pondered on “The Coffee Shop Approach Towards Network Marketing”, I was amazed by the simplicity of the concept, but also with the similarities that can be drawn from a coffee shop business to a network marketing business.

Coffee Shop Network Marketing | My Business Why

A basic framework on how to open a new Coffee Shop:

 1 You:

If you want to open a coffee shop, it all starts with you.

Idea Decision
At first, something would have sparked off the idea with you.
Once you have pondered for some time on the idea as to why you think it is a workable and executable idea you will come to a point of making a decision to actually do it.


Before you make the final decision and go over to taking action, the most important question that you have to answer to yourself, is WHY?

…Why do you want to open this coffee business?
…Why do you believe it is a workable idea?

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 2 Product:

Will you sell inferior quality coffee? ..Well obviously not.
Coffee Shop Network Marketing
It is logical that one will choose to sell a quality product that meets the customers expectation regarding taste and value for money. When you sell a quality product, and you render an excellent service, clients will be prepared to pay for what they get. Coffee in general is also a product that has been in use for years and years. There is a market for it and there are people who has a “want” for it.

3 Your Customers:

Ask yourself: “Who will be my customers?” In other words, target your market.
To decide on your target market, ask yourself what is the typical profile of your customers might be?
As an example, think of the following:
Who is it that would be willing to spend money on coffee from your outlet?
– People moving around in a shopping mall.
– Office workers in the city centre.
– Visitors to places of interest and geographical attractions.
– Users of the legal hub in the city, close to courts and lawyers office.
– Visitors and patients to medical rooms at larger hospitals.
Who is it that will appreciate what from your new venture?

4 Plan:

The next logical step will be to sit down and plan the process of setting up your business.

Coffee Shop Network MarketingSome call it “drawing up a business plan”, but for me that sounds so very formal and boring. One can’t however get away from the importance of planning. The whole idea of how you will go about has to be played over in your mind and then eventually transferred into writing.
Aspects that needs to be considered includes the following:
– The flow of processes that will be needed to get the product from the supplier , through your shop, until consumed and paid for by the customer. In other words, what infrastructure is needed and the actions required to bring sales into reality.
– Premises (location, lease amount / term, size, accessibility, layout, decor, features, fittings, equipment, inventory etc.)
– Staff, special skills required, training.
– Pre-launch marketing, marketing the launch (opening) and your continuous marketing plan.
– Setup cost.
– Budget with time frames when break even and bottom line profit is anticipated.
– Growth estimates

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5 Rig your shop:

After careful planning, rigging the actual shop will be your first huge step and financial layout. An important part of the business will be to find the right premises to do business from. Obviously, the location of the shop and the whole set-up have to be optimal to draw the attention of your niche market, apart from the aroma of coffee, that is. Setting up shop, together with the decor, furnishing, appointing staff etc. needs to be completed before the business can open its doors for clients.

The shop and all the logistics of operating it, can be viewed as the vehicle that is necessary to serve (sell) the coffee to your clients. It will provide you with the infrastructure for the functionality of preparation, presentation and selling of your product.

It is very likely that setting up shop will be a leap of faith as it will involve a substantial financial outlay before the business can actually be operative , but if you don’t have a shop (premises), you don’t have a business.

6 Marketing:

People must be made aware of your new coffee shop. More so in the beginning just after you have opened shop, but they also have to be constantly reminded about the business.

Coffee Shop Network MarketingThis calls for an advertising budget. If you set up shop in a prominent location with lots of passing traffic, you will be paying rent accordingly. Premium location comes with premium rental returns for landlords. In this instance, you may view part of the rental cost as an advertising expense. Reason for this is, the more your business is in the eye, the better your client exposure will be and that is after all what advertising is about.

The best would be to include the budget for advertising your opening offer in your initial start-up cost estimate. It will be of no use to have this amazing, brand new coffee shop with the best coffee in town, but only your 5 neighbours know about your business. To get started, you will need to get the message out.
You will have to splash it out there!!

Then afterwards, settle into a monthly advertising budget to keep the coffee flowing.

Repeat business from clients is key to success for a coffee shop. Meet the need of your clients and fulfill their (coffee) expectation. Clients need to have a positive experience inside your coffee shop and they have to get a fair deal when they buy your coffee. You will need them to come back for more coffee and you would like them to tell their friends about the new coffee place and even bring those friends over to your place.

7 Measure:

Consistency is key in any business. Constantly improving is better.
How will you know if your business is healthy if you don’t measure?

Make sure that you have at least 5 key performance indicators identified which your business depends on to be successful. Such performance indicators have to be measurable in such a way that you can evaluate if the business is doing what it should be doing in the best possible and effective way and if it is heading upwards or downwards.

Some key performance indicator (KPI) examples can be:
1. Cash flow
2. Turn Over
3. Food costs
4. Kitchen labour costs
5. Revenue per available seat
6. Menu item profitability
7. Employee turnover
8. Customer satisfaction
9. Advertising response rate
10. Personnel attitude

Then over to Network Marketing:

Business is business. You may choose to sell coffee from your own shop, or you may choose to do network marketing. It doesn’t matter if you sell a physical product, a digital product or if you’re selling your own product. You may even be affiliated to another company, promoting their products. The basic principles for success are all the same.

Coffee Shop Network Marketing | My Business Why
Me having a cuppa

…maybe you should get yourself a cup of coffee now before you read further, 🙂
as this may become a rather long, but very interesting read.

Let me make one thing clear.
You may think about trying your hand at making some extra money in network marketing.
I’ve also heard that people say that they want to do network marketing as a hobby. Be sure of one thing. It’s going to cost you money. Hobbies are costing people money. On the other hand, business and hard work are bringing in money. If you do not have a business approach towards network marketing, it will not show profits and you will be losing more than you make.

I’m sorry if I’ve burst your bubble, but a Network Marketing business is not to be approached differently than it will be with a “brick and mortar” off line business.

Please pay attention to this.
Approach network marketing as a business. Put in the same time, money and effort as you would have put into a “brick and mortar” business and you can expect extremely good results. It is the only way to success in network marketing. There is no other way.

As with the coffee shop approach, a network marketing business starts with you.

A. You:

Something must have sparked off the idea of network marketing with you.
Once you have pondered for some time on the idea as to why you think it is a workable and executable idea you will come to a point of making a decision to actually do it.
…Why do you want to do network marketing?
…Why do you believe it is a workable idea?

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B. Product:

As with quality coffee, always commit to products of quality in network marketing. One thing that you need to remember is that network marketing is a relations business.

Coffee Shop Network Marketing

You don’t want to add your name and face to inferior or risky products. So many times there will be the temptation of getting involved in “shiny object” , high return opportunities. Remember one thing, there are no “get rich quick” products or schemes that have stood the test of time. Fast high returns, comes with high risk. You don’t want to put in all the effort and cost of building a list of say 1000 people of which 20-50 might have become your customers and then lose face value because of major losses of money. It takes time, effort and even money to build positive relations and trust. Do not lose it because of inferior products or new and poor established companies.

…trust me, I made the mistake, but only once.

C. Your Customers:

Once you have found the right product, you need to find the right customers.

You will for instance promote slimming products to a different market than financial products, or baby products to a different market than camping and outdoors products. … you get the point.

One thing however:
Speaking to anyone about your product, is speaking to no one .

Coffee Shop Network Marketing

You have to target your market and then speak to your target market.

Here are a few thought provoking ideas in this regard.
– Who is it that has a need for my products?
– Where do they hang out?
– Who’s got my money?
In other words who is it that can afford to purchase my products and is likely to be a willing buyer?
– What is it that will attract them to my product?

Target your market and then focus on your target.

D. Plan:

How do you plan to operate your network marketing business?
Look back at the planning that was discussed in paragraph 4 above with the coffee shop approach and sit down and work out a plan how you will go about to get your product moved from supply to clients, making sales and making profits. Plan the systems needed as well as time frames and budgets.

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E. The system is your shop:

As you will not be having a physical shop to sell your products, you will need a system to use.

Coffee Shop Network Marketing

The system should be able to attract clients, present your offer, capture client information, continuously share information with your clients, follow up with them and eventually lead them to make the purchase.

The system and all the logistics of operating it, can be viewed as the vehicle that is necessary to serve (sell) the product to your clients. It will provide you with the infrastructure for the functionality of the selling of your product.

Like with setting up a physical shop, setting up your system is very likely to be a leap of faith as it may involve a financial outlay before the business can actually be operative.

In network marketing, if you don’t have a system, you don’t have a business.
This topic is discussed in more detail in this article:

F. Marketing:

Who will know about your product offering if they’re not told about it?
You will need to get the message out.
You will have to splash it out there!!

Don’t be stingy and not want to pay for advertising. In the beginning your advertising cost will be an ongoing expense for months before you break even. Then in time to come, results from your advertising will start bringing in recurring income which will snowball and keep growing. It will take time to recover your initial marketing cost, after which marketing will remain an ongoing expense paid from increasing profits.
Then afterwards, settle into a monthly advertising budget to keep the profits growing.

G Measure:

Be Consistent in what you do in network marketing. The results will pay off.

Coffee Shop Network MarketingConstantly improve your skills and efforts.

Always measure and set up some criteria and performance areas which you want to monitor. Measure and improve.

Read the section in paragraph 7 above again to form some idea of what is meant by deciding on KPI’s to evaluate your progress.

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12 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Network Marketing

  • March 13, 2018 at 9:23 am

    This is definitely a different concept I’ve never heard of, and I’ve been doing online business for almost 2 years! Although I’m not exactly involved in network marketing this is probably why I haven’t come across it yet. I’m a big fan of growing my business so I’m always measuring customers, traffic and revenue. It’s a great way to see if I’m actually getting anywhere. Thanks for the heads up.

    • March 13, 2018 at 9:41 am

      Thanks for your comment Brandon.
      Yes I have to agree, it is a different approach to compare network marketing with a brick and mortar business, but in the end business is business. The two ways of doing business just have different transfer methods. One through a shop and the other through a system.
      All the best on your journey.

  • March 13, 2018 at 9:31 am

    This was powerful indeed. I love Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing because to me those business models have so much upside.

    But the problem is some people come into this niche and do not take it seriously and treat it as you mentioned it should be treated here.

    Since it is not a traditional brick and mortar business and the startup cost is so low, many newbies are not willing to put in the effort because they really have not lost much if they decide to quit.

    On the other hand with a brick and mortar we would be willing to try any and everything before you say quit because so much is at stake.

    I like your analogy and it is spot on. It does not matter if it is brick and mortar or network marketing, we still must approach it the same. You have given some awesome nuggets here on how to be successful. Thanks for sharing.

    • March 13, 2018 at 2:33 pm

      Thanks for your comment Nate, much appreciated.
      As you say, people get into Network Marketing without the correct mindset and then just leave because they don’t need to commit to high start up cost. Once we learn to be prepared to put the same kind of effort and money into an online business as in a fixed premises business, the whole picture changes.
      All the best to you on your journey.

  • March 13, 2018 at 9:33 am

    The post is very good, sharing a lot of valuable information, I think You are very devoted to writing articles and You are really very experienced in this field.

    People will understand how to open a cafe, plan, evaluate and measure. All steps are clearly explained, thank you for that.

    In addition, the effective use of marketing systems, especially the online marketing, the internet is now really effective business that no one can ignore it.

    The article will certainly have more people thinking about opening a business shop as well as marketing online as a long-term strategy that needs to be focused, developed.

    Again, thank you for your article.

    • March 13, 2018 at 2:29 pm

      Thanks for taking the time to read through the article and your kind comments.
      Having the right mindset towards business is crucial. The correct approach, motivation and consistency is what is bringing the results.
      All the best to you on your business journey.

  • March 13, 2018 at 10:08 am

    I have heard a concept before of a coffee business integrated with a network marketing approach. Network marketing is a legit business and as curious as I was, I am following a very well known personality in the industry. It’s a legit form of business which as you clearly emphasized, should be treated as such if a person getting involved wants to succeed. Great article!

    • March 13, 2018 at 2:25 pm

      Thanks for your reply. Appreciated.
      All the best to you on your journey in Network marketing.

  • March 13, 2018 at 10:57 am

    Hi it all here sounds interesting.
    What I don’t understand though is of what system you are talking about.
    I have an affiliate website and my system as far as I understand it is the internet, the search engines, and social media.

    I like to learn more about the network marketing and which network you talk about.

    • March 13, 2018 at 3:31 pm

      Thanks for your comment Stefan.
      The system that you ask about is actually a sales funnel, which is a combination of lead generation, lead capture pages, list building, sales pages, auto responder follow up series sale of products and a method of duplication to teach your clients.
      As an example, you can follow this link to see how it works:
      All the best. Cheers 🙂

  • March 13, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    Very nice post. I like the way the author specifies preparedness and asking the important questions that must be answered before you business starts


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