How to buy GOLD BULLION online || Review: Karatbars International

You may have come to the realization that GOLD has a long-term value that paper money would never have.

GOLD as a commodity, is a tangible asset and it has an inherit value that paper cant have.

For very long, it was difficult to purchase physical GOLD in transaction friendly quantities.

How to buy GOLD BULLION online | My Business Why
You can now buy gold bullion online in transaction friendly weights.

… if you are still in doubt if it is necessary to acquire gold,
please read more about the value of money in this link.

As with any online purchase, you have to access the risks involved in the purchase before you part with your cash.

You must be sure of the following:
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Best Internet Business

We see so many Internet business offerings that come and go. It makes one wonder how to decide on what the best Internet business is. It is said that more than 90% of Internet start-up businesses fail within the first four months and that less than 30% of the remaining 10% will make it past the third year after starting out.

Best Internet Business
The aim with this article is to assist you in assessing an Internet or e-commerce business before joining and thereby wasting your valuable time and money.
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What is real money

We all know what a Dollar bill looks like, but is it really money?
What is it that is making the paper that it is printed on so valuable?

What is real money | My Business Why

Background of money as we know it

At the end of WW2, the Brenton Woods System was formed (1944) whereby it was agreed by forty-four countries that they will fix their money to the US Dollar and that the US Dollar will be fixed to gold. The system became operational during 1958. The agreement was to keep the dollar price of gold fixed and to adjust the supply of dollars to maintain confidence in future gold convertibility.

Did you know that during 1971, the United States abandoned its responsibility, previously agreed to by these forty-four countries?

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