The power of a vision.

The power of a vision.

I always thought that everyone is making way too much of the fact that you need to have a vision.
It was only when I started my own research on the topic that I realized the power of  having a vision.

The power of a vision | My Business Why

Having a well-defined personal vision is a way beyond belief powerful aspect of life that is totally missed if not understood properly. When I realized this, I was kind of upset with myself because I have missed the point for so long.

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Definition of being successful

What is your definition of being successful?

Definition of being successful | My Business Why

If I was to ask five people what their definition of being successful is, chances are good that I will be getting five different answers.  I actually did the exercise and it was rather interesting to hear everyone’s answer.  None of these different answers can however be viewed as wrong.
Each one is right in their own way and within their own life context.

…May I ask you, before you read further, to write down your definition of being successful on a piece of paper?
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