About Me

Hi There, my name is Cobus van der Merwe.

I am full time unemployed since the year 1992. … yes, that’s right, “full time unemployed”.

Ok, by making that statement, I guess I also need to mention that, due to my entrepreneurial approach to life, I was able provide in the financial needs of me and my family  by exploring a number of small business ventures since 1992.  …full time.

If one thinks back to the year 1992, we did not even have cell phones in South Africa at the time and we only had very slow fixed line dial up Internet access. The business environment and the pace at which things were happening was totally different as to what we experience today.
My experience through the years was that to reach success in business and then remain successful is rather a challenge. Once you have mastered one strategy that is fruitful, things tend to change. If you’re not moving forward together with the changing trends, you will soon be lost in outdated business strategies.
I realized that success in business is not a destination. To be successful in business is therefore rather a constant journey of learning, mastering and applying what you have learned.
….I repeat, Learn, Master and Apply.

More about me:

I grew up on a smallholding in South Africa. After a few years of full time employment, I took the plunge to resign and start being self-employed. Through self-study in business and due to the wilful choice that I made to keep up with change, I am still enjoying the journey of being self-employed after 25 years.
I am old enough to have been witness of the, sometimes challenging, changes in business approach that was necessitated in the changing business environment. These were mainly brought about by the development and progress of the Internet, together with social media and electronic communication platforms.

My business experience is in the field of:
– Small business in the Retail / Wholesale sector.
– I have some exposure to the Financial Services Sector. (Qualified in “Wealth management”)
– I am still full time involved in my Real Estate Business. (Qualified as “Master practitioner in real estate”)
– My internet business that started out as a part time hobby a few years ago, is now evolving into a rather lucrative venture.

I have mastered the required training and qualification levels in both professional fields mentioned above through self-study. Obviously, I had to enroll with the regulatory bodies and follow the requirement study programs.

Today I am an avid learner of expanding  businesses on the Internet. Experience showed me that it is of no use to spend hours to try and figure things out for yourself and then it is still possible to be following the wrong alley.

I therefore chose to get proper training. After I have done my research on the different blogging training platforms available, I have joined Wealth Affiliate University.  In my opinion, I am now learning from the best and I am part of the very supportive WA community.
……BUT, this is my About Me Page and not supposed to be a bridge page to sell something LOL !!

I like to write and to put my thoughts in words. I view myself as a very positive person that is always solution driven rather than releasing energy and thereby waste time and energy on “issues”.
My  hobby is to travel on the so called “less traveled” routes. We’re often camping in desolate places where there are no built up accommodation, piped water or electricity.

I simply love the peace and quiet of the outdoors.

I am also always a keen learner, so please feel free interact with me on my website and share your thoughts.
Cheers !!    …. and thanks for stopping by.
Cobus vdM

Founder https://mybusinesswhy.com/