5 Ways how to make money from blogging

There are various resources and ways that you can use to make money from your blog site.
The focus of this article will be on 5 ways how to make money from blogging. This may vary from third party advertising, network marketing or promoting your own business or products. Take heed however not to overdo the monetizing of a blog site. Google favors content rich websites over “spammy” type of websites that shows off more advertisements opposed to good informative content.

5 Ways how to make money from blogging | My Business Why

Here below are five examples of how you can earn and benefit financially from your blog.

1. Google AdSense

In my opinion, Google AdSense is by far the easiest and most passive way of inserting income producing ads on your blog. Once you have created a blog post, simply decide where you want to allow Google to come and place an ad in your post. From your AdSense account, you will get a piece of code that you simply copy and paste into your blog post. The Google advertising system will accept bids from advertisers through their system and place these ad on your blog.

Google will bill the advertisers based on impressions or on clicks from the readers of your content. You can leave everything up to Google to pay you once you have accrued a minimum amount from this advertising source.

Some Pros of AdSense:

  • AdSense is very easy to set up.
  • From your one AdSense account, you can advertise on multiple websites of yours.
  • AdSense is an ideal income source to cover the expenses of blogging.
  • AdSense allows you to customize their ad display on your site, like a choice between text, images, and even the colours of ads.
  • Google will read your page content and will then tailor the ads displayed on your site to fit in with the theme of your content.
  • Though debatable, I am of the opinion that AdSense displays on your website encourages the search bots to crawl your content, which may result in higher page rankings.

Some Cons of AdSense:

  • You need significant traffic to earn a good income from AdSense.
  • If you promote your own business or products, or affiliated products AdSense may attract unwanted ads from your competition to your website.
  • When a reader clicks on a Google ad on your blog, the reader is then diverted to the advertisers page and it is likely that the reader will not return to read the rest of your content.
  • You are not allowed to click on ads yourself that are displayed on your websites. Although unlikely, it is possible that a number of repetitive clicks on ads on your website, may be interpreted by the Google bots as invalid clicks and you may then be banned for life from AdSense. So don’t rely on AdSense alone as income source when monetising your website.
  • When you apply AdSense displays to liberally to your page posts, it will slow your page’s upload and opening speed.

2. Affiliate Sales

There are different ways of earning from affiliate marketing / sales.
Amazon is one of the largest online shops and they are extensively making use of affiliate marketers to promote their products.

You as a blog writer may choose to write on a specific niche, like for instance healthy meal plans. As an Amazon affiliate, you will then be able to place a generic code from Amazon on your website, that will display products to the preference of your reader by making use of cookies, or it may display ads that is in line with your content on your page.

Another way of promoting affiliate sales, is to choose a specific product related to your niche, like maybe a specific brand of food processor. You then link your post up to your niche (healthy meal plans) and write a user review on the specific product, combined with a link that directs your reader to the Amazon page where they promote different makes of food processors. Instead of a full product review, you may also choose to simply discuss the differences between food processors and create a specs comparison table of the different food processors (all info sourced on Amazon itself). Once your reader views food processors from your affiliate link and then go back and purchase anything, like for instance a book on dog breeding, or even a set of golf clubs from Amazon, you will earn from that sale if it is within a specific time period.

Some other companies that offers affiliate programs includes Click Bank, Commission Junction, Share A Sale, Clicks Galore, LinkShare, etc.

You may register as an affiliate marketer for a specific company, like one of the many multi-level marketing businesses. By writing blog posts on the benefits of the business, the products, product reviews or general informative content, you can use your blog site as an ideal source of information to send your clients to. Should you set up a follow up email series for your subscribers, your blog site can serve as an extended information source that will share information leading to eventually close sales for you.

Some Pros of Affiliate Sales:

  • Online affiliate sales is a prospering Billions of Dollars business that is growing exponentially at present.
  • It is very easy to join an affiliate marketing program.
  • Setup cost is extremely low, compared to other business models.
  • Product inventory, warehousing shipping and customer services are dealt with by the company and does not involve the affiliate marketer.
  • You can choose to promote products that you can personally relate to, or have an interest in.
  • You may apply affiliate marketing as a part time, full time and passive income,
    ….as you like to do it.
  • You have the flexibility of working on your business when you want to.
  • By applying some strategies, you may set yourself up in your own (sole proprietor) and very lucrative business.
  • Affiliate marketing can be product focussed and it has the potential of generating more revenue than AdSense per sale.

Some Cons of Affiliate Sales:

  • You’re not making the rules in the business and you’re dependent on the merchants program on offer. Some great businesses may change their policies in time and become less profitable for affiliates.
  • As it is so easy to become an affiliate marketer, competition is a reality.
  • You’re not creating your own customer base, unless you are gathering purchaser information through your own capture pages, list building and making sales through your follow up email series.
  • Freelance, third party marketing may not be for everyone.

3. Your Own Product

You may for instance write on a topic that you are passionate about and soon find that you have an extended series of blog posts on such a topic. It will then be easy for you to repurpose your content into a training or factual series that you can sell and present to your readers in something like a four or ten week course and drive it through an automated email follow up series.

Creating e-books from your content is also an option. Though e-books are mostly given away for free by marketers, it is possible to sell your good quality e-books of around 6000 or more words on Amazon Kindle or even in PDF format, linked to your PayPal account via a shopping cart.

You may even find that by constantly expanding your bog, you generate so much content that you can rework it into a hard copy book format. You can then continue to use your blog to promote your book. Again, you may sell it on Amazon or PayPal.

4. Guest Writing

Once you have established yourself as a blog writer, you may consider to write content for other bloggers as a guest writer, or you may blog on behalf of businesses and maintain the blog pages on their websites at a fixed fee.

5. Networking

Continuous fresh and new content created by blogging draws the attention of the search robots. Online Network marketing as well as offline marketing can greatly benefit from blog content relevant to the business activities.

I have for instance added blogging to the website of my real estate business. Some posts are focused on content related to property sales and property rentals. Others are created as review posts where we invite our customers to review our services in the comments section. These blog pages are extremely successful in creating an online presence for businesses and we constantly reap financial benefits from it.

In Conclusion

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5 Ways how to make money from blogging | My Business Why



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